Fall Bull Sale

Monday, November 19th, 2018
(The Monday before Thanksgiving)
12:00 MST
Selling 275 bulls - both yearlings and coming 2 year olds

To view bull videos, click on the catalog below to open, then click the blue "View Videos" tab:

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The sale will be broadcast live on Dish TV High Definition channel 998, and on the Internet at www.cattleusa.com. Visit www.northernlivestockvideo.com for more information.
To bid remotely for the sale:

  1. You must pre-register with Northern Livestock Video Auction before the sale in order to qualify for phone or online bidding. Call Northern at 1-866-616-5035 prior to the sale to pre-register.
  2. Once pre-registered, bids will be taken over the phone or through the internet.
  3. To bid over the phone, use Northern's Sale Day Bid Line: 1-406-245-0889.
  4. To bid through the internet, log in to www.cattleusa.com.

To simply view the sale:
  1. Tune to Dish TV HD channel 998.
  2. OR
  3. Log in to www.cattleusa.com

2017-2018 Bull Sale Photos

Connealy Angus

Connealy Angus is located in the beautiful Nebraska Sandhills. The base cow herd has always been heavily culled for productivity traits, and is managed under rugged conditions that mimic the commercial operations in this area.

Through the years, we have used a larger variety of industry leading sires in our extensive AI program. This has allowed us a wide base of genetics from which to draw as we select our animals for sale and for replacements.

Connealy Angus offers two bull sales per year. The next sale will be held on Monday, November 19th, 2018 (the Monday before Thanksgiving). There will be approximately 275 bulls selling - 200 yearlings, and 75 coming two year olds. The next Spring sale will be held on March 23rd, 2019 (the fourth Saturday of March).

We thank all of our customers for their past patronage, and we appreciate the interest of those who are looking into our bulls for the first time.

Ranch Photos

About Us

About Us

Jerry, Sharon & Donnie Connealy

Marty and Donnie Connealy began raising Angus cattle in 1961, on the ranch south of Whitman that has been in Donnie's family for decades and serves as the sale site, today.

Donnie continues to carry on the ranching tradition with her son, Jerry, his wife Sharon, and three of their four children and their families.

Jerry & Sharon's son Ben resides in San Diego and works for Navy Medicine as a Regional Portfolio Manager.

About Us

Colin, Jed, Aislynn, Kara & Cian Connealy

Since their return in 2005, Jerry and Sharon's oldest son Jed and his wife Kara have been very involved in various ranch responsibilities in addition to raising their three children, sons Cian and Colin, and daughter Aisylnn.

About Us

Gabriel, Becca & Finnegan Connealy

Gabriel and his wife Becca joined the ranch in 2017. Becca also works part-time as an RN at the hospital in Alliance, Nebraska. They welcomed their son, Finnegan Spencer to the family in May of 2018.

About Us

Hannah, Erik & Charlotte Raudsepp

Jerry & Sharon's daughter Hannah joined the ranch part-time in 2018, and continues to run her meat company, Honest Beef, during the rest of her workday. Her husband Erik is a software engineer who works remotely from Whitman for a medical technology startup in Boston. They have a daughter, Charlotte.

Contact Us

Connealy Angus
Box 96
Whitman, NE 69366

Jerry & Sharon Connealy
Donnie Connealy
(308) 544-6552

Jed & Kara Connealy
(308) 544-2212

Gabriel & Becca Connealy
(308) 544-6296

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